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Each country representing Guba Doce Pares has an appointed Director. The Director is the head of Guba Doce Pares in that country. They are charged with representing and spreading the Filipino martial art of Guba Doce Pares. If you have an interest in this art, please contact the appropriate Director. If there is no Director for your country or if you have a general enquiry, please contact the Guba Doce Pares Council (Send email). Thank you.

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Instructor Dario Alejandro Aquino - Argentina
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Instructor Rafael Portella - Brazil
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Guro Otto Madarasz - Canada
England Icon
Master Nimesh Desai - England
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Instructor Julio Cesar Vera - Ecuador
Hungary Icon
Guro Szilard Zohner - Hungary
India Icon
TBC - India
Ireland Icon
Guro Paul Cox - Ireland
Israel Icon
Guro Leonardo Pereira - Israel
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Instructor Vilma Ramos - Italy
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Instructor Miguel Arroyo - Mexico
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Instructor Opao Kwekkeboom - Netherlands
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Guro Jim Smith - New Zealand
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Instructor Robert Florentin - Paraguay
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Instructor Fabiano Kruschewsky- Portugal
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Guro Dan Deac - Romania
Scotland Icon
Master Brian Simpson - Scotland
Spain Icon
Guro Hugo Del Campo - Spain
Vietnam Icon
Instructor Peter Hyunh - Vietnam
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Instructor Josefino Con-Ui - Wales